As a member of the global community, Marco Marine Companies is committed to fulfill its responsibility to society and the environment, as well as to supporting the best interest of its stakeholders. Moreover, Marco Marine Companies respects the value of the community not only by supporting the neighborhood in addressing pollution and energy issues, but also by encouraging similar commitment by its suppliers and employees, all with the goal of fulfilling our role as responsible corporate citizens.


With a permanent commitment to responsibilities in mind, Marco Marine Companies promises to:


Corporate governance

Meet all of legal requirements and business ethics. Communicate company financial and revenue status accurately.



Encourage the diversity and energy of our employee pool. 

Our employees will be treated with respect.

We provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment and promote employee health and well- being.

We will fulfill OHSAS 18000 to secure a safe and secure working place.


Forced labour and Child Labour.

Marco Marine will not employee people less than 15 years. As far as necessary and national law permits we will only use children from 15 years to carry out very light work that does not interfere with compulsory schooling. Employees under 18 years are not to be involved in night work or work that is hazardous or likely to have a negative impact on the employee’s physical or mental development. They will not be allowed to operate machinery which is dangerous or not are trained or instructed in.

Our entire organization will not accept Child Labour and Forced Labour. We support the work done by the organization IPEC and ILO who work against this.

We will follow the MLC 2006 for our employees working onboard vessels.

Our employees working in local offices will follow the local laws and rules.

We will not accept any discrimination, as race or religion and we will not accept human trafficking. These are illegal and criminal and will be reported to the police. 

Any employee in our organization has equal opportunity without discriminating on any basis.



Work with communities to improve a better life through education, economics and social well-being activities.


World community

To build a successful company - One also commits to contribute on a more global basis. To build a successful company - One also commits to contribute on a more global basis.



Conduct production and business with green policies.


Keep developing environment-friendly, energy-efficient products and upgrading existing to better performance.


Marco Marine Companies,

Poul Rasmussen Managing Director

Espergaerde February 1st 2014.