Customer Focus:
Organization’s continually strives to improve its responsiveness to its customers, to anticipate customer requirements, and to provide world-class products and services. Customer feedback, including complaints, is managed through the Customer Satisfaction Survey and Continual Improvement processes.

Customer Contracts:
Contract inquiries are reviewed by both business and technical personnel to ensure requirements are understood and the necessary information is available to fulfill the requirements of the order/contract. Orders are reviewed prior to acceptance to confirm the understanding of the requirements and internal capabilities (process, quality assurance, test equipment, subcontractors, delivery), and the organization’s capacity to meet those requirements within the time required.
Verbal (Oral) orders are documented and confirmed with the customer. A scope of work is made and mailed to the customer for approval before any jobs are started.

Customer Property:
Currently, Organization’s customer supplied product is limited to product returned by a customer for repair and return of the same unit. While in Organization’s possession, customer-supplied product is tracked by order number.

Customer Support:
Customer Support is responsible for providing technical support and customer training. Support and services are extended beyond the warranty period and through the discontinuance of product as contractually required.

Customer Satisfaction:
Customer visits, customer surveys, review meetings with customers and other customer communications are used to gather information on customer satisfaction. The results of both customer satisfaction surveys and customer feedback reports are reviewed as part of the Yearly Business Review.