The philosophy is to use well-trained fitters to make the maintenance on-board under supervision of an engineer from Marco Marine.


To minimise the spare part stock on-board, and bring the parts onboard together with the tools just before the service team arrives.


With this factor we can do a low cost, but rational work on-board.


The planning will be done together with the Superintendent.


The team will have all necessary tools for the service.


With those factors, we can get a high quality job, a high performance and best reliability.


Marco Marines alcohol and drug  policy.



We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs.


Marco Marine will not accept any of its employed to drink alcohol during or to take any illegal drugs at their work for us.


Any employed by Marco Marine are not allowed to drink alcohol or to take any drugs in relation with our jobs, from the day they leave home, until they return back home.


It means, nobody is allowed to drink or bring alcohol or take or bring drugs onboard the ship, on the trip to and from the ship either. Nobody is allowed to buy alcohol or drugs onboard.


Marco Marine accepts that each can buy alcohol to bring home for private use. The alcohol must only be bought on the return trip back to home.


People will be held responsible for any cost, because of alcohol and drugs, for extra flights, extra cost for agent and office cost.



Violation of the rules will lead to immediately dismissal.