Principle Statement:

Everyone is entitled to respectful treatment in the Marco Marine Groups (MMG)workplace. Being respected means being treated honestly and professionally, with each person’s unique talents, background and perspectives valued. A respectful workplace is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment, but it involves more than compliance with the law. It is a work environment that is free of inappropriate or unprofessional behavior and consistent with MMG’s ethics and values – a place where employees can all do their best, and where employees are free to report workplace concerns without fear of retaliation or reprisal.


This Principle helps to ensure that people are treated with dignity and respect in the MMG workplace. It also reinforces MMG’s commitment to compliance with laws prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and reprisal.

This Principle applies globally to all employees and may apply to those acting on behalf of MMG. See the Compliance Principle for information on when a third party might be covered by the Code of Conduct Principles. This Principle applies to all locations and situations where MMG business is conducted.

Additional Guidance:

What it means

Respectful Work Environment

MMG’s goal is to have a work environment that reflects and values the best in everyone, where people treat each other respectfully and professionally, and where individual differences are valued. Any harassment or unprofessional or inappropriate behavior, even if not illegal, interferes with that goal and will not be tolerated. Unlawful discrimination is also prohibited. This Principle applies whenever employees are at work, and to work events and other MMG-sponsored activities.

Global Company, Global Standard

As a global company, MMG operates in a complex and varied global environment. But wherever MMG does business, the Company operates under the Ethical Business Conduct Principle to ensure the highest standards of ethics and integrity and protect MMG’s reputation. That Principle provides a common set of values to guide actions and decisions not covered by a specific policy or rule. That Principle asks three questions:

·         Is this action consistent with MMG’s corporate values of uncompromising honesty and integrity?

·         Can this action withstand public scrutiny?

·         Will this action protect MMG’s reputation as an ethical company?

Employees should consider these questions when deciding whether an action meets the standards of this Principle.

Policy Against Unlawful Discrimination

MMG prohibits all forms of illegal discrimination against applicants, employees, contractors or anyone doing business with MMG. The discrimination laws vary by country, but may prohibit discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information, as well as other protected classifications.

Policy Against Harassment

Harassment is prohibited by this Principle. Harassment is unwelcome conduct toward an individual that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment and that:

·         Is due to personal traits such as age, disability, marital status, national origin, race or color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity; and

·         Causes work performance to suffer or negatively affects job opportunities.

Harassment is against the law in many other countries. Examples of harassment that may violate the law and will violate this Principle include:

·         Oral or written communications that contain offensive name-calling, jokes, slurs, negative stereotyping, or threats. This includes comments or jokes that are distasteful or targeted at individuals or groups based on personal traits such as age, disability, marital status, national origin, race or color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

·         Nonverbal conduct, such as staring, leering and giving inappropriate gifts.

·         Physical conduct, such as assault or unwanted touching.

·         Visual images, such as offensive pictures, cartoons, drawings or gestures.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of harassment that is based on a person’s gender or that involves a request or demand for sexual favors by someone in authority, where the demand is tied to hiring, promotion, termination or any other condition of employment. Although having a consensual romantic relationship with another MMG employee is not harassment, harassment may occur if either person in the relationship engages in workplace conduct that is inappropriate or unwelcome. Employees in consensual romantic relationships must also comply with the MMG Conflict of Interest Principle.

Every MMG employee has a role to play in achieving a respectful workplace

A respectful workplace requires the participation of all employees. Remember:

·         MMG expects respectful and professional behavior at all times, no matter the situation. Be sensitive to how others may perceive your actions and remember that your actions reflect on you and MMG.

·         This Principle applies to work events, including business entertainment, team building outings, conferences, and other meetings and activities relating to MMG business. Venues and activities where MMG business is conducted should be professional, appropriate, and consistent with MMG’s values and reputation.

·         We are all human, and sometimes we make mistakes. In some cases, a person may make a comment or do something that was not intended to offend, but it has that effect. Treating each other with respect means being honest and open enough to let a colleague know if you have been hurt or offended you. Respect also means that if a colleague tells you that you have done something to offend, you should apologize and refrain from similar behavior in the future. That type of respectful dialogue may address many situations, but if you need help dealing with inappropriate workplace behavior, you should contact MMG Human Resources for assistance.

How to Report a Violation

Most reports of suspected violations of this Principle are made to MMG Human Resources. Employees can contact their assigned Human Resources Manager, or go to someone higher in the Human Resources organization. Employees can also use any of the additional reporting options listed in the “Report Concerns or Ask Questions” section of the Compliance & Business Conduct website, if they prefer.

How MMG Will Respond

Investigation and response

For any report or complaint of discrimination, harassment or other violation of this Principle, MMG will review the concerns and may conduct an investigation. Where there has been a violation of the Principle, MMG will take appropriate action to correct the situation, and try to avoid future violations. In appropriate cases, MMG may take disciplinary action, up to and including termination, against those violating this Principle.

MMG will inform parties about the status of reviewing their complaints. To respect the privacy and confidentiality of all people involved, MMG may not share specific details of the discipline or other action taken.

MMG management responsibilityEvery MMG supervisor and manager is responsible for ensuring that MMG provides a respectful workplace. This includes ensuring that complaints of discrimination, harassment, or inappropriate or unprofessional behavior are handled properly and effectively, in partnership with Human Resources. See the Employee Obligation and Reporting Principle for information on resources for making such reports.


Retaliation is prohibited


This Principle strictly prohibits any retaliation against anyone who reports a concern about discrimination, harassment or other violation of this Principle.

Child Labour and Forced Labor


Marco Marine will not employee people less than 15 years. As far as necessary and national law permits we will only use children from 15 years to carry out very light work that does not interfere with compulsory schooling. Employees under 18 years are not to be involved in night work or work that is hazardous or likely to have a negative impact on the employee’s physical or mental development. They will not be allowed to operate machinery which is dangerous or not are trained or instructed in.


Our entire organization will not accept Child Labor and Forced Labor. We support the work done by the organization IPEC and ILO who work against this.

Our employees working in local offices will follow the local laws and rules.

We will not accept any discrimination, as race or religion and we will not accept human trafficking. These are illegal and criminal and will be reported to the police.

Any employee in our organization has equal opportunity without discriminating on any basis.


Any Employee has the duty to report any of these unlawfulness to the management.