Our engineer all holds.

  • Seamens book
  • USA visa C1/D
  • Valid passport
  • Health certificate
  • reguired vaccinations


A group of the workforce holds.

  • Brazil visa / work permit 
  • Offshore BOSIET course, incl. U.K health certificate and HSSE 
  • USA work visa B1/B2


The philosophy


The philosophy is to use well-trained fitters to make the maintenance on-board under supervision of an engineer from Marco Marine.


To minimise the spare part stock on-board, and bring the parts onboard together with the tools just before the service team arrives.


With this factor we can do a low cost, but rational work on-board.


The planning will be done together with the Superintendent.


The team will have all necessary tools for the service.


With those factors, we can get a high quality job, a high performance and best reliability.