Our engineer all holds.

  • Seamens book
  • USA visa C1/D
  • Valid passport
  • Health certificate
  • Required vaccinations


A groupe of the work force holds.

  • Brazil visa / work permit 
  • Offshore BOSIET course, incl U.K healt certificate and HSSE 
  • USA work visa B1/B2



The philosophy


The philosophy is to use well-trained fitters from low cost countries to make the maintenance onboard under supervision of an engineer from Marco Marine.


We are working for a long term co-operation.

We are aware that the overall cost is essential for our customers.


Therefore all aspects must be exposted and evaluated to reach the best and most economically.


We are looking into those aspects to ensure that our customers get the best solutions on co-operation with us.


Close teamwork with our service partners are very essential for us.


With those factors, we can get a high quality job, a high performance and good reliability.